What to choose? Golf Pull Cart vs. Push Cart vs. Electric Cart

It is known that for all golf lovers the equipment is an important aspect and every one of them wants to have the needed things do practice its hobby. Also, you know how difficult is to rent this equipment and then carry it from side to side so this is why you need a golf cart to help you move from a place to another. The costs of renting this cart can be usually high, in this case, it is recommended to buy your own golf cart. But on the market there are a lot of types of this kind of products, do you know which one is the best? Or, are there some important features to take into consideration when choosing the item? In the lines below you will find out some tips regarding the golf carts.

Why should you purchase a golf cart?

Some of you may ask why to buy this type of product. There are many advantages regarding its purchase. Some of them are:

  • Accessibility: having the freedom to move around on the green with all the golfing gear will have a great impact on the game. When you are on the green, playing golf, you will not have reasons to worry about finding a club or even a ball. In this case, the golf cart gives you accessibility by making sure that everything you need is close to you, and you can access it every time you need or want.
  • Accelerates the play: it can be disturbing to play with someone whom you have to wait for some time as they try to locate the gear when it is their round. When the game delays it can become very dull but when using the golf cart you will not be needed to wait for your play because you will have everything close to you.
  • It diminish tiredness: if you do not have a high-budget, or you do not want to spend extra money to hire a cart or a caddie then you will have to carry the gear. For instance, some of the equipment can be very heavy so the tiredness will appear. By purchasing this cart you will reduce or maybe eliminate the fatigue because you will not be needed to carry all these things. And more than this, you will keep your energy for the game.

Types of golf carts

There are three types of golf carts these being pull carts, push carts and electric carts. You may ask which one of them is the best, but they have their own benefits and disadvantages. Let’s see some important features of these carts.

Golf pull carts

These carts are the smallest and also the simplest. They are suitable for golfers who do not have too many things to carry with them and who do not want to use a lot of energy. They are very light and comfortable. One of the most important advantages is that this type of carts are the cheapest on the market so probably every golfer afford buying one. You can save a lot of money by buying this model and it is reliable offering you the needed services. Its lightness is another important element so this is why they are very used. You can also easily assemble and pleat them. But, the disadvantage is that you cannot store a lot of things due to their size.

Golf push carts

Golf push carts may be the most popular ones as their name says. It is easy to handle one of these because you only have to push it. It is very stable and has enough storage space so that you can put all the needed equipment. Usually, they have three wheels but there are some that have four wheels. The push carts are cheaper than the electric carts having almost the same features, the only difference being the lack of the motor. They are easy to handle because you do not have to pull it and another important feature is that if you lose some object from the storage space you can easily notice because the machine is in front of you. Their drawback is that the dimension is bigger than a pull cart’s one and they may occupy more space so you can have problems when transporting it.

Electric golf carts

The electric trolley is the latest model of cart and it is very useful for all the golf lovers. It offers great mobility and makes things easier for all the players. These carts are powered by a motor so you will not be needed to pull or to push them. The only thing you have to do is to control them. If you consider buying this type be aware of battery size and other accessories that they may need. Their main advantage is that they can save your energy because as mentioned before they do not need to be pulled or pushed. Most of them are equipped with accessories such as display consoles that will help you measure the distance. They obviously move faster than the other two types but they have also some outs, for instance, they are the most expensive golf carts and their battery does not last for a long time.