Choosing Between a Laser and a GPS Rangefinder

For improving your golf game, you definitely need a rangefinder. These days, you can find in the shops many models, and choosing between a laser and a GPS rangefinder can be quite difficult. Therefore, if you are in a situation like this, then you should continue to read this article, in order to understand exactly what is bets to get.

Pros and cons of laser rangefinders

These devices are the most recommended ones due to they provide very accurate results. Professional golfers usually use them, in order to play an excellent game. These models are without a doubt very expensive, but they certainly worth every penny. Besides the high price, it is also quite difficult to read horizontal targets, when it comes to laser rangefinders, they are bulky compared to the golf GPS watches, and they need to be pointed at the target and aimed. However, there are several wonderful benefits as well. Some laser devices allow you to measure slope factors on the green, and be used on any golf course. Take also into consideration the fact that no download is being required. These units definitely have a long life, and therefore, you will actually make a long-term investment. All in all, by purchasing a product like this, you will surely make a great choice, which will help you considerably improve your game.

Pros and cons of GPS rangefinders

Gps units are actually used for the same purpose as laser rangefinders, but they come equipped with different technologies. These models are very affordable in comparison with the others, which are quite expensive. However, they do not provide results as accurate as laser rangefinders provide. GPS devices need frequent recharging. They may go up to 3 rounds maximum on one charge cycle. If you are a beginner golfer, then you should go for a GPS unit, and later, you can invest in a good laser device. GPS rangefinders are very easy to use, and they measure distances and also a variety of other statistics. You will find on the market golf GPS devices like VoiceCaddie that actually offer voice services. In such units, you must not look at the screen for the distance, because it will be automatically announced in an unobtrusive way. Furthermore, there are models that double as fitness bands, outside of the green, that will measure your calories and steps as well. All in all, choosing between a laser and a GPS rangefinder is not such a difficult thing if you are very well-informed about each of these two models.